Quality is our credo

1895 yeast was discovered in 2008. Over the following three years our yeast was tested so successfully by various Swiss wine growers that many of the resultant wines received several accolades at award ceremonies.


Following the first successful attempts at drying 1895 yeast in 2012, we can now produce it in larger quantities for the first time this year, now making it available to any interested wine growers.


Founded in June 2010, Swiss Wineyeast GmbH, is headed by the following partners:

  • Hermann Schwarzenbach, who discovered and owns the yeast, and acts as a consultant
  • Cécile Schwarzenbach, Managing Director
  • Uta Gafner, Marketing


Swiss Wineyeast GmbH is a young company. We aim to simplify wine making with natural, pure yeast.

  • Wines fermented with 1895 yeast reflect the natural bouquet of the grape
  • H2S formation is almost completely avoided
  • Practically no other nutrients are necessary